Equitable Title

Throughout the years, Equitable Title Agency has grown in stature with a solid reputation for integrity and standing the test of time. It is our business to use information to protect real estate property buyers and lenders from problems that might affect title ownership. Coverage is provided on residential and commercial properties.

Title insurance is issued after a careful examination of copies of the public records. But even the most thorough search cannot absolutely assure that no title hazards are present, despite the knowledge and experience of professional title examiners. In addition to matters shown by public records, other title problems may exist that cannot be disclosed in a search.

Searching the public records will disclose:

  • Prior owner(s) of record
  • Prior deeds
  • Outstanding mortgages
  • Court judgments
  • Liens and foreclosure actions

Title Insurance insures your right and ‘title’ to the property. It also protects you from hidden defects in title, such as:

  • Incorrect legal description of the property
  • Claims of undisclosed heirs
  • Title taken by an improperly probated will
  • Missed, lost or forged documents
  • Impersonation of another
  • Confusion of title due to similar names
  • Falsified marital status
  • Documents signed by minors or incompetents
  • Clerical error at the courthouse

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance insures your rights and title to the property you are purchasing. It insures that you have ‘marketable’ title, a title insurance commitment, and subsequently, a policy is issued to the borrower.

  • Tax and Assessment liens